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elektrische Winsh für alle mechanischen Winschen: 1471,60  €

Unten Ist die Deutsche Version:

Each winch now becomes electric


This device utilizes an up-to-date electric motor capable of developing an incredible force while using a decidedly modest amount of electrical energy.

Magicwinch on board  

When applied to a module-40 HARKEN winch for example, the motor is capable of producing a traction force superior to 250 kg with an average absorption of only 25 Amperes. It can therefore be used tranquilly, without running the risk of straining the on-board battery.

The structure is completely water-resistant and easy to use. The construction principally uses stainless steel and aluminium bonding, is extremely robust and requires no maintenance.

Magicwinch on board

Should you need to raise a mainsail or stow a jib,Should you need to raise a tender,
Should you need to lift a man up the mast, or effect a salvage operation at sea,
Should you need to kedge a boat,
Should you, in any case, need to carry out a particularly difficult manoeuvre...;
The WInch will always be available to solve the problem.

Magicwinch in its bag

Power 12 V - 25 Amps.
Speed 80 rpm
Weight Kg 5,30
Dimensions ø 100 L 450 mm


Achtung Bild ladet !!! Warten Sie einen Moment

Achtung Bild ladet !!! Warten Sie einen Moment !